Green Chili pickle curry recipe- Achari Mirch ki sabzi recipe

Green Chili pickle curry recipe- Achari Mirch ki sabzi recipe

Green chili pickle is all time favorite pickle of mine, I can have chili pickle with almost every dish. Here I am with one of my other favorite recipe called Achari Mirch ki sabzi which I like to eat with steamed rice or with Paratha. It’s very easy to make Green Chili pickle curry just need some simple ingredients and spicy green chili pickle and your recipe is going to be ready within few minutes. Read on to know Green Chili pickle curry recipe or Achari Mirch ki sabzi recipe.

You do not need much spices to make Achari Mirch ki sabzi as pickle itself has lots of spices and salt too so your minimal spices to get the right taste of pickle. One can decrease or increase the pickle quantity as per its taste preference.

Green Chili pickle curry recipe ingredients

• Green chili pickle – 200 Gms
• Finely chopped onion- ½ cup
• Finely chopped tomatoes- ¼ cup
• Finely chopped garlic- 1 tablespoon
• Finely chopped ginger- ½ tablespoon
• Cumin seeds- 1 teaspoon
• Asafetida (hing)- ¼ teaspoon
• Turmeric powder- 1 teaspoon
• Salt to taste
• Oil- 2 tablespoon
• Water as required

How to make Achari Mirch ki sabzi recipe

• Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds and asafetida (Heeng), sauté for few seconds one medium flame.
• Add chopped ginger, garlic and turmeric powder, cook on medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes or till garlic turn little brown.
• Add chopped onion and cook on medium flame till onion turn pink and translucent.
• Add chopped tomatoes, cook till turn little mushy and start leaving oil. Add ½ cup of water or as required water and cover the pan. Cook the curry till all ingredients cook properly and start leaving oil.
• Chop the green chili pickle (keep some pickle for garnishing) and add to the cooked gravy. Add salt if required and cook for couple of minutes or till pickle leave its aroma and taste in curry. Once done switch of the flame.
• Garnish with chili pickle or chopped coriander leave and serve spicy but tasteful chili curry with your favorite Indian bread or with steamed rice.

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