Beetroot halwa recipe- Chukandar halwa recipe

beetroot halwa recipe

Beetroot called Chukandar in Hindi has lots of health benefits and culinary uses. It can be used in many ways make beetroot juice, beetroot pickle, beetroot chutney, beetroot chops, Chukandar raita, beetroot soup and eaten raw as a salad. Here we are with Beetroot halwa recipe a delicious Indian sweet recipe to use this amazing ingredient.

Beetroot health benefits

Beetroot controls blood sugar, prevents deposition of bad cholesterol, treats Anaemia, boosts energy level, regularize bowel movements and many other health benefits. Read on to know Health Benefits of Beetroot (Chukandar). It’s very hard to say that how much beetroot should be eaten per as the amount to eat a day may vary to person to person need according to their body type and problems exists. So it’s always suggested that one should eat in limit as beetroot contains Betaine often has mild side effects that include nausea, stomach upset and diarrhoea, according to UMMC so over eating of the beetroot may lead to some problems especially for those who have kidney disease.

Read on to know Beetroot halwa recipe or Chukandar halwa recipe made from grated beetroot, sugar, desi Ghee (Clarified butter) and milk. We are sure that even those who hate beets can never say no to this halwa.

beetroot halwa recipe

Beetroot halwa recipe ingredients

• Grated Beetroot – 2 cups
• Full cream Milk – 1 cup
Ghee– 2 tablespoon
Green Cardamom powder– ½ teaspoon
• Roasted almonds – 8 to 10
• Sugar to taste

How to make Beetroot halwa

• To make Beetroot halwa wash beetroot under the running water, trim the edges and peel off the skin. Grate the peeled beetroot using a grater or food processor.
• In a pan, heat ghee and add grated beetroot. Saute in low flame, till the raw smell of beetroot leave and ghee starts separating from it.
• Add milk and let it simmer on low flame till beetroot become soft and milk start reducing slowly, Keep stirring by scraping the sides of pan.
• When the milk is almost reduced add sugar, it will again become runny so just keep stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan.
• Once all the milk reduced and the halwa become glossy, gathered in the center of pan add cardamom powder, chopped almonds (roasted) and little ghee. Mix well and switch of the gas.
• Garnish with roasted almonds and serve hot beetroot halwa.

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