Should we consume curd at night

Should we consume curd at night

March 29, 2016 Pooja Bhushan 0

Many of us always worried on Should we consume curd at night? Here we are with an answer explained by Ayurveda an ancient medical science to cure health problems naturally and effectively. Summer is here and everyone urge to eat something cool, curd is definitely on the top of food list […..]

Should we consume curd at night

How to make cream cheese at home

August 20, 2015 Pooja Bhushan 0

Cream cheese is a soft, mild-tasting fresh cheese with a high fat content. It is a must have ingredient for cheese cake recipe. Cream cheese can be difficult to buy from the market sometimes as many store or markets stock it up rarely but it is too expensive. Though you […..]

How to make ghee at home

March 23, 2015 Pooja Bhushan 0

Homemade ghee is full of health and nutrition. It has its own taste, aroma and texture. Homemade ghee is free from all kind of adulteration that we can find in market produced ghee. It’s not very difficult to make ghee at home a little concentration and patience can give desired […..]

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Tofu (bean curd) health benefits, Tofu recipes

May 2, 2013 Pooja Bhushan 0

Tofu known as bean curd is made up of protein rich soybeans, water and a coagulant, or curdling agent.  Tofu has lots of nutritional values and very useful for the people who want to keep check on their increasing weight. It is one of the best protein rich diets for […..]