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Puffed rice: recipe, nutritional value and health benefits

Puffed rice also known as kurmura, murmura, muri in hindi are very lightweight and crisp. You can mix puffed rice with many other ingredients to make a delicious snack that can be had anytime. Feel hungry between meals then have puffed rice without spoiling your appetite for the main meal. They are light, crunchy and very easy to digest and I bet that after reading this article you also fall in love with them like I do. What is puffed

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How to make Moong Dal Mangodi at home

You can make fresh Moong Dal Mangodi at home easily which can be used to make some very interesting recipes such as Aloo Mangodi Ki Sabzi, Palak Mangodi ki Sabzi, Mangodi kadhi recipe, Mangodi Pulao and lots more. Ingredients to make Moong Dal Mangodi at home Peeli Moong Dal (Split Green Lentils) – 1 cup Asefoetida – 1 pinch Salt- 1 tsp Red chili powder – 1 tsp (optional to be used in case you need spicy Mangodi) How to make Mangodi

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Wheat Grass (Gehu Ka Jawara) benefits, nutritional value

Wheat Grass (Gehu Ka Jawara) is very old and trusted remedy for many day to day health related problems. It has lots of benefits and can be consumed in the form of juice or powder. You can also chew the fresh wheatgrass to extract its benefits (like I do). Wheatgrass is easy to grow at home or you can buy its products from the market. Wheat Grass (Gehu Ka Jawara) nutritional value Wheatgrass has high concentration of Minerals, Vitamins, Amino acid, Chlorophyll

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How to grow wheatgrass at home

Growing wheatgrass at home is not an easy task, but if you have time, patience and space then nothing can be better than the home grown fresh wheatgrass which you can chew or juice up to get rid of your common health problems. Here is the procedure which helps you to grow wheatgrass at home. How to grow wheatgrass at home Soak unpolished wheat-grain (say about 100 Gms for 4 people) overnight in water after cleaning and washing it thoroughly Prepare a

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