How Many Times One should eat every day to Lose Weight?

How Many Times One should eat every day to Lose Weight?

Losing weight quickly is everyone’s dream but weight loss isn’t a cake walk, all those who want to shed some extra kilos have to struggle a lot. As we all know strict and balanced diet is the key of weight loss but one of the most common confusions about a weight loss diet is the number of meals that one should eat per day. The answer of this question is not simple, some studies shows that three meals every day, with no snacks in between works better while some others says one should eat six smaller meals for better weight management.

But again the confusion remain same, which one should be followed? Many studies and researches are going to check which meal pattern works better for weight loss without impacting the ones health. Each and every person has different body and diet requirements but it is proved that splitting down meals into smaller ones can control blood sugar and also reduce cholesterol levels. But eating more meals requires to burn more calories which equals to more workout.

On the other hand, eating three meals per day without snacking between can leads to lower level of energy or fall in blood sugar levels. It can give you craving for unhealthy junk foods, annoying hunger pangs and feeling of tiredness. So skipping breakfast or lunch can be helpful in consuming less calories, but prove to be harmful for your body in the long run.

So which meal pattern one should follow? Eat three big meals or six small meals to lose weight. To figure out which meal pattern is best suited for you, you must first find out more about your body. Hit and trial method is always a better choice, try various diets and portion to check the suited one for you and once you find the right plan go for it.  If you have large appetite and have a problem with portion control than its better to stick with three meal plan as eating more frequently can have adverse effect. But if you gets full easily than break your meals in small portions and eat more often.

No matter what diet plan or method you choose, keep in mind here is calorie count. Eat only healthy calories and keep a count of them, so that you know how much you need to burn off. There’s no hard and fast rule about which meal pattern is better suited for weight loss it depends on your body needs, type, your lifestyle and eating habits. So eat healthy and stay healthy.

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