Pista Burfi recipe- Pistachio Burfi recipe quick Diwali sweets recipes

Pista Burfi recipe- Diwali sweets recipes

Go green this Diwali with our Pistachio Burfi or Pista Burfi recipe. It is a traditional sweet recipe prepared on special occasions and festivals to make them more special. It’s not very difficult to make Pista Burfi at home. It takes just 20 to 25 minutes to prepare the Pista Burfi with Pista, Khoya and sugar. Here we are with delicious Pista Burfi recipe decorated with edible silver leaf.

I do not like to add green colour in my Pista Burfi recipe, I just love the natural green colour of Pista, but if you like dark green then add two three drops of green food colour in your Pista Burfi recipe.

Pista Burfi recipe- Diwali sweets recipes


Pista Burfi recipe ingredients

• Unsalted Pista- 1 cup
• Sugar- 1 cup or to taste
• Water- 1/2 cup
• Ghee- 3/4 cup
• Khoya- 1/2 cup
• Cardamom powder- 1/2 teaspoon
• Silver foil for decoration

How to make Pista Burfi recipe

• Blanch Pista or Pistachio for about five to 8 minutes in warm water.
• Remove the outer skin of Pista and roast them on medium flame until nuts become crispy.
• Grind the crispy Pista and water in grinder to get rawa like consistency powder.
• To make sugar syrup, Mix sugar and water in the deep bottomed pan, and cook on medium flame until the mixture get one string consistency.
• Add Pista powder and homemade mawa, cook until it mixes well.
• Add ghee and cook on medium flame, stirring continuously till it leaves the sides of the pan.
• Pour the Pista mixture onto the greased plate. Once it get set, cut the square pieces (or any other desired shape) of it.
• Decorate with silver foil and serve.

Serve this delicious Pista Burfi to your guests and family this Diwali to see the smile on their face. For more such sweet recipes please read Quick Diwali Sweets Recipes.

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