Sharbat recipes for summer

May 7, 2015 Pooja Bhushan 0

Sharbat  or squash is cool, sweet, aromatic drink can be made from concentrated fruit, flower petals, dry fruits and even with vegetables mixed with water or milk is the most refreshing thing that you can get in summer afternoons to refresh and keep yourself cool.  Sharbat can be made out […..]

Chandan ka Sharbat recipe, Sandalwood sharbat recipe

May 6, 2015 Pooja Bhushan 0

Sandal sharbat is prepared from the sandal wood powder and sugar syrup is the perfect sharbat recipe for summer. It gives cooling effect to body, boosts memory and improves the concentration. It is useful for curing burning sensation of hands and feet, acute thirst and the effects of sun-stroke. Chandan […..]

Angoor Sharbat Recipe

May 6, 2015 Pooja Bhushan 0

Angoor sharbat a nonalcoholic sharbat recipe made from delicious grapes, water and other easily available ingredients. I use black grapes to make Angoor Sharbat but you can use green grapes too. Read on to know Angoor Sharbat Recipe. It is a great mocktail recipe to serve in any summer party […..]

Sharbat e Rooh Afza Recipe

May 5, 2015 Pooja Bhushan 0

Rooh Afza is very popular refreshing drink from Hamdard. It’s a blend of A blend crystalline sugar, distilled natural extracts of citrus flowers, fruits, vegetables and cooling herbal ingredients that give long lasting cooling effect. It not only instantly quenches the thirst but cools the entire system and gives back […..]

Almond mushroom soup recipe

Badam sharbat recipe

February 26, 2015 Pooja Bhushan 0

Badam sharbat is very refreshing, energetic and rich drink to serve in summer afternoon and parties like holy party, kitty party and so on. Here we are with Badam sharbat recipe made from almonds and sugar. Learn how to make Almond squash. Badam sharbat recipe ingredients Almonds- 250 gms Green […..]