Healthy Tea Time Snacks recipes to Enjoy with Evening Tea

Tea time snacks recipes- Peanut chaat recipe, Healthy Snack recipes

Tea time snacks are all time favorite, no evening tea is complete without having delicious snacks. In the evening when you feel little hungry but had your lunch some hours back, and there is a good four to five hours to go for your dinner than these little snacks will help you. When it comes to have some tea time snacks usually our mind wander around samosas, kachoris and bread pakodas but as we all know these sort of fried snacks can damage your weight loss goals, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. But luckily there are some healthier options available that works on your hunger by substituting those traditional fried and greasy snacks. Read on to know some delicious and healthy tea time snacks recipes.

Tea Time Snacks recipes

Here we are with some delicious and easy to make tea time snacks recipes that can easily ditch the regular fried snacks for healthy and equally delicious alternatives. It’s good to have the snacks that are high on fibre and protein that prevents abnormal sugar spikes and also curbs our cravings by keeping us full for long. Read about some great snacks recipes that will satisfy your hunger without the extra calories.

Baked Banana chips

Baked raw banana chips recipe- Tea time snacks recipes

We all love banana chips but people who are health conscious avoid eating them because they are deep fried. But here is a delicious and a no fried Baked Banana Chips Recipe easy to make and tastes great. Serve Baked Banana Chips Recipe during tea time for snacking, along with a Smoothie or Masala Chai.

Moong Dal Chilla

Healthy Snack recipes- Tea time snacks

Moong dal cheela is an excellent breakfast recipe, easy to make and stuffed with goodness of paneer. You can have moong dal cheela any time of the day but I usually recommend this as a breakfast recipe. Traditionally cheela is made with Besan but there are several variations can be made, Moong dal cheela is one of them. Making cheela with moong dal is a delicious way to include protein in your diet. Moong dal cheela batter does not require fermentation so its and instant recipe. Serve hot moong dal cheela with Coriander chutney or Tomato chutney.

Oats chaat recipe

Oats chaat recipe- Tea time snacks recipes

Oats Chaat is a delicious as well as healthy option to switch from your regular fried snacks with some healthier one. Delicious Oats chaat is prepared with the goodness of oats, cornflakes and vegetables like potatoes, cucumber and tomato. It is extremely easy to prepare Oats chaat and require very less cooking. Garnish Oats chaat this crunchy nuts to make it rich too. Serve delicious Oats chaat with tamarind or green chutney to your loved ones during tea time.

Chinese Bhel recipe

Chinese bhel recipe- Tea time snacks recipes

Chinese bhel a perfect evening snack made from crispy fried noodles is perfect for your kitties and birthday parties. It’s very easy to make crispy Chinese bhel at home with easily available cooking ingredients. Chinese bhel is perfect tea snack recipe as it’s very tasty and contain lots of veggies so good for health too. Prepare this crunchy delicious snack just before serving, as the fried noodles tends to get soggy over time so prepare and serve immediately

Karela Tikki

Karela Tikki recipe- Tea time snacks recipes

Bitter gourd or Karela is unpleasantly bitter but tops on the list of diabetes friendly foods. Nutrients in Karela helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Karela Tikki recipe a delicious and healthy tea time snacks recipes is full with the goodness of grated carrots, green peas, paneer and aromatic spices. Karela Tikki as the name suggest is the healthier snack to serve with evening tea. You can prepare the raw Tikki in advance and shallow fry or pan fry just before serving. Serve crispy Karela Tikki with your favorite chutney and a hot cup of tea.

Instant Dhokla

Dhokla recipe- Tea time snacks recipes

Dhokla recipe is very popular Gujarati breakfast recipe made with chickpea flour (Besan) and tempered with mustard seeds and other spices. Dhokla recipe is very healthy as it is steamed so no oil is required to cook, small quantity of Oil is used in batter only. For me Dhokla is one of the healthiest and tasty snacks of India. You can serve Dhokla for breakfast, brunch, snack or dinner whenever you like or want to eat something light but stomach full.

Pan Fried Vegetable Cutlets

We all love to eat something fried with evening tea our pan fried vegetable cutlets is delicious and healthy snack recipe to serve with evening tea. Vegetable cutlets are great as an appetizer or to serve as tea time snack recipe. These cutlets are a combination of mashed potatoes, vegetables and some aromatic spices. One can deep fry or pan fry these vegetable cutlets serve with delicious green chutney or tomato sauce.

Boiled Peanut Chaat

Tea time snacks recipes- Peanut chaat recipe, Healthy Snack recipes

Peanut chaat is healthy Indian snack recipe made from peanuts and other easily available ingredients, spices. It is a delicious combination of peanuts, onions, cucumber and Indian spices. You can serve peanut chaat with your favourite cocktail or mocktail or with a hot cup of tea. It is a perfect snack to munch at any time. Add chopped mint to add some freshness. Adjust the seasoning according to your taste. Serve immediately otherwise it will become soggy and does not taste good.

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