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Mango festival 2014

26th Mango Festival Dilli Haat Pitampura

We all love Mangoes and here is one more time when we can enjoy the king of fruit in many varieties and forms as 25th Mango festival is going to be held at Dilli Haat, Pitampura from 11th July to 13th July, 2014. First Mango Festival was organized in 1988 in association…

Bread roll recipe

Bread rolls recipe, How to make bread rolls

Bread rolls are all time favorite snack of my family. It’s simple, easy to make and taste so well that it will become your favorite snack too. Serve hot bread rolls with white pea chutney, tomato sauce or green chutney. It is very good recipe for your kids lunch box….

Gujrati cuisine

Gujarati cuisine recipe: Recipes, Drinks & Farsan recipes

Gujarati cuisine refers to the cuisine of Gujarat a state in western India famous for its delicious food, drinks and farsan recipes. Gujarati cuisine is a vegetarian cuisine, which contains variety of dishes. In Gujarat you can enjoy very interesting concept of Thali which consists of Rotli, Dal or Kadhi,…

Dal makhni recipe

Dal Makhani recipe combination of Urad and Rajma

Dal Makhani a famous Punjabi recipe is a combination of rajma and urad dal with lots of Indian spices and herbs. It has velvety texture and rich taste, traditionally Dal Makhani cooked on a low flame overnight and allowed to thicken but can be made equally good in  a pressure…

Idli fry recipes

Idli Fries Recipe

We all love French fries but most of us always worried about their bad health effects today we are here with Idli fries recipes which are tastier and healthier then French fries. You can make these crunchy Idli fries with leftover idlis or day old idlis. Idli fries are easy…

Idli upma recipe

Idli Upma Recipe-Recipe with Leftover idlis

Idli upma is a very simple and delicious dish made with leftover idlis. It is very easy to cook and a very healthy breakfast dish which can be prepared within 4-5 minutes. Read on to know idli upma recipe made from leftover idlis. I am sure once you try this…

spicy corn chat recipe

Spicy corn chaat recipe: Monsoon recipes

Corn chat is just a perfect recipe for monsoon evenings. It’s very easy and quick to make and can be served hot or at room temperature. You need very simple and easily available ingredients to make masala corn chat recipe.  Read on to know Spicy corn chaat recipe. Spicy corn…

Chili paneer recipe

Chilli Paneer Recipe

Many of us like spicy food so here we are with Hot & Spicy Chilli Paneer Recipe which sets your tongue on fire. Chilli Paneer is mix of green bell pepper and paneer with exotic Indian herbs. Serve Chilli Paneer with naan or tandoori rotis. Here is my version of…

Kache aam ki sabzi

Kacche Aam ki Sabzi recipe (Raw Mango Curry)

Raw mango curry is very simple and quick to make. Kachche Aam ki Sabzi is a perfect blend of Indian spices and raw mangoes. Its sweet and tangy taste makes it best accompaniment to serve with all Indian recipes.  Read on to know Kacche Aam ki Sabzi recipe (Raw Mango…

Kimchi salad recipe

Kimchi Salad recipe

Kimchi Salad is very famous Korean recipe which becoming favorite salad recipe in India too. It is made by Cabbage soaked in the flavors of garlic, ginger, soya sauce, vinegar and chilli flakes which makes it really refreshing and tasty. Everyone has its own style and taste to make Kimchi,…