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Oats Dahi Bhalla recipe

Dahi Bhalla is very famous Indian street food recipe made from urad dal or moong, it is very delicious chaat recipe but you can make it healthy too by adding oats into it. Oats ke dahi vada is a healthy recipe that adds fibre making them more nourishing. Read on to know Oats Dahi Bhalla recipe. Oats Dahi Bhalla recipe ingredients Powdered instant oats- 40g Urad dal (white) – 60 g Moong dal (white) – 40 g Baking powder- ½

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Lauki Burfi Recipe, Doodhi ki Burfi

Lauki burfi is very delicious sweet dish made from some simple basic ingredients to prepare on any occasions or festivals. Lauki barfi is good to have on fasts or when you need something sweet to munch. It’s very easy to make Lauki burfi at home. Here we are with Lauki Burfi Recipe made from bottle gourd, sugar, milk and khoya. Read on to know Lauki burfi recipe. Lauki Burfi Recipe ingredients Bottle gourd (Lauki)- 1 kg Mawa(Khoya)- 200 gms Chopped

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Lemon rice recipe, How to make lemon rice

Lemon rice recipe is the best way to bring some twist in your plain rice, it’s easy to make and can be served with delicious minty yogurt dip. Learn how to make lemon rice and minty yogurt dip. You can also use leftover plain jeera rice or steamed rice to make delicious lemon rice. Lemon rice recipe ingredients Basmati rice- 500 gms Lemon juice and rind- 3 tablespoon Curry leaves- 10 to 15 Cooking oil- 4 tablespoon Mustard seeds- 2

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Summer fruit jellies recipe, How to make fruit jellies for kids

Looking for fruit jellies recipe for kids? Here we are with easy summer fruit jellies recipe made from seasonal fruits. I am sure your kids will going to love these summer fruit jellies and it will become an easiest way to encourage them to try different types of fruit. Learn how to make fruit jellies for kids. Fruit jellies recipe ingredients Chopped strawberries- ½ cup Chopped kiwi fruit- ½ cup Gelatin leaves- 4 Caster sugar- 2 tablespoons Fresh mint leaves

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Kiwi fruit smoothie recipe

Smoothies are all time favorite of kids and easiest way to encourage them to try different types of fruit. Kiwi fruits are becoming very popular in India these days here we are with Kiwi fruit smoothie recipe blend with banana and a hint of ginger. Learn how to make Kiwi fruit smoothie recipe. Kiwi fruit smoothie recipe ingredients Kiwifruit- 3 Banana- 1 Chopped ginger- ½ teaspoon Oats- 4 tablespoon Milk- 250 ml Fat free yogurt- 200 gms Honey to taste

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Minty yoghurt dip recipe

Minty yoghurt dip recipe is delicious yogurt dip has the freshness of mint and tanginess of lemon juice. You can serve Minty yoghurt dip with lemon rice, stuffed paratha or any other favorite recipe of yours. It’s very easy to make this and you can store it for 2-3 days in your freeze. Learn how to make Minty yoghurt dip recipe. Minty yoghurt dip recipe ingredients Yogurt- 250 gms Fresh mint- 4 sprigs Lemon juice- 1 teaspoon Chopped garlic- 1

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